Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Site Analysis and Design 

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American Telephone Service, Inc. will take your communications project from conception to design through implementation.  We offer innovative solutions to effectively and efficiently meet your communication needs while always considering budget and reliability.  From start to finish, we will work hand in hand providing the expertise and tools to help you plan, initiate, optimize, manage and run an effecient communications system that meets your current goals while keeping in mind future goals.  

The first step in your relationship with American Telephone Service, Inc. is a free onsite analysis of your communication needs and goals. This comprehensive analysis will include a review of several factors including: 
  • Your current communications system, including what equipment you have, where it’s installed, and how effectively it’s performing.

  • A current hardware inventory, including phone system equipment, cabling infrastructure, network systems, and voicemail systems.   

  • Your immediate communication needs and your future communication goals.  

As ATSI works with you, our no-charge site survey will help us understand your current communication systems, clearly define your needs, and set the stage for a communication strategy that will meet your needs both now and in the future.

A site survey also helps assess how changes over time will affect the efficiency of your business operations—and helps us suggest improvements.

Your free site analysis will tell ATSI what existing communications equipment and services you have and what your goals are. From there, ATSI will work with you to understand what you’ll need to achieve those goals. The next phase of our process is the design of a strategic communications plan, the selection of the equipment and services that will best suit that plan, and preparation of a smooth installation process.

ATSI has been helping businesses create cost-effective communication solutions for 20 years.  To schedule a free consultation and onsite business survey, call 800-233-6754 or contact us today!

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